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Our aim is to promote understanding and interest in the world of investing and finance. To all students. From all degrees. At ExSIF we stick to our values and integrity. We believe it is important to provide equal opportunities and ensure that our society is a place where everybody is welcome.

ExSIF's Awards.

Our Commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the Exeter Environment and Climate Emergency White Paper & the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we recognise the importance of pluralistic knowledge and active participation when striving towards sustainability and social justice. We aim to make the exceptional happen by challenging mindsets and defying boundaries. We are part of The Societies Sustainability Alliance, a group of 25 societies working with the University and Guild to practice and promote sustainability.

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Our Commitment to Accessibility, Inclusion & Diversity.

We believe actions speak louder than words and so we have created an Accessibility, Inclusion & Diversity Pledge which outlines the commitments we will be making to ensure that our society is inclusive and accessible for all.
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