Aditya Das
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Running for Position of
Vice President
Running for Position of Education Officer

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Manifesto for Education Officer

Hello everyone, I’m Aditya Das a first-year Accounting and Finance student.

I believe that financial education and knowledge-sharing are integral parts of ExSIF and its growth. As an Education Officer, I am committed to providing members with high-quality financial educational resources, opportunities to learn from experienced speakers and courses, and organizing more stock pitches and trading competitions. I believe that my prior experience coaching and mentoring high school debate teams internationally and creating and running my school’s largest finance & entrepreneurship society equips me with the necessary skills for this position.

So what do I plan on doing as the Education Officer?

Expanding the financial analysis course further

Increasing the number of trading and stock pitching competitions

Running interactive market overview & outlook sessions for different geographies with guest speakers -It will provide members with a comprehensive overview of the global financial markets, including key economic indicators and financial trends in different regions by covering topics such as: Analysis of major financial markets in North America, EMEA, Asia, and other regions

- Key economic indicators and their impact on financial markets

- Emerging trends and investment opportunities in different regions

- Potential risks and challenges of investing in different geographies

- Strategies for diversifying investment portfolios across different markets, sectors, and asset classes

Creating separate trading and stock pitching competitions primarily focused on new members

Running an Introduction to Alternative Investments course, which would provide members with an overview of different types of alternative investments (Real Estate, etc), including how they work, and how to analyze them.