Committee Positions

Role Description PDF
Vice President
Investment Officer
General Officer
Events Officer
External Relations Officer
Education Officer
Careers Officer
Social Secretary
Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Marketing Officer


​Average additional time
10-15 hours.​

Work with the Vice President to lead the strategy of the society and work with the committee to achieve long-term societal aims.​

Develop, implement and have ultimate responsibility for the real money fund. ​

Coordinate events on the day, organising members and speakers. ​

Coordinate the committee and oversee management of portfolio managers, analysts and officers. ​

Secure sponsorships/partnerships and maintain ongoing relationships throughout the year, working with the External Relations Officer.

Firefight when things do not go to plan (e.g. speakers change topic at the last minute).​

Work with the Events and External Relations Officer to find speakers for weekly events. ​

Work with the Marketing Officer to ensure that all published content is high quality.​

Working with External Relations Officer to keep contacts (Guild, Business School, sponsors/partners etc.) up to date with what we do.​

Be the first point of contact for members with questions and issues. ​Touch base with other (university) society Presidents, to organise collab events etc.​

Maintain relationships with external charities and businesses, to organise collab events etc.​Involvement with the processes to recruit ExSIF Reps, Portfolio Managers and RMF Officers.​

Basically, oversee all aspects of the society, working with the necessary committee members to ensure work is delivered on time and to a high quality.​

Vice President

Average Additional Time
5-10 hours extra per week, depending on the week

Assist the President in the running of the day-to-day business within the society. ​

Fully understand all aspects of the society, allowing you to answer members’ questions.​

Present to potential sponsors, speakers, and external relations. ​

Make the ExSIF rotas for fresher's fairs, weekly ExSIF extra and allocate committee accordingly​

Coordinate the application and manage the 'student reps'.

​Build a really strong relationship with members of the society, through being chatty, approachable and engaging.​

Coordinate with committee members, reps and PMs to ensure tasks are completed on time and to a high standard.

Keep on top of deadlines and ensure to chase up those who are behind and delegate accordingly.​

Undergo Guild training to allow you to answer committee members’ questions.

​Organise Stash which includes the design, communicating with the supplier, collecting orders and working with the Treasurer to pay. This include gifs for guest speakers, this needs to be ordered at the start of term (tote bags/coffee cups etc.).​

Alongside the president, hosting each event, be prepared to do opening/closing.

Work with Events Officer and External Relationships Officer to get brief introduction including details of Guest Speaker.​

Work with the Marketing Officer to promote the society and its events throughout the year. This really requires structure to ensure a slick social media presence, so establish a plan early!​

Ensure the Guild page is up to date (including current society badges).​

Proofread all emails, documents, event descriptions and social media posts.​

Investment Officer

Average Additional Time
+10 hours extra a week


Manage all aspects of the real money fund (RMF). ​

Appoint and oversee portfolio managers, analysts and RMF officers. ​Provide strategic direction to the RMF, ensuring investments are made in line with the investing procedure and the charity’s governing document.

Critically analyse stock pitches and investment propositions, evaluating investments for risk and payoff. ​

Work with the education officer and investment rep to select and prepare for internal and external competitions. ​

Develop in-depth technical knowledge of all aspects of the real money fund, including equity research techniques, portfolio allocation, risk mitigation and ESG evaluation.​

Develop training plans and provide resources for PMs, analysts and risk officers. ​

Build relationships with RMF mentors and industry professionals to seek support and help with the fund.​

Work with the treasurer and the vice-president to secure additional funding for the real money fund.​

General Officer

Average Additional Time
7 hours

Writing a weekly newsletter.​

Take notes during every committee meeting and upload to shared drive. ​

Be the first point of contact for members through the official email channel.​

Help with admin work: set up committee meetings, respond to emails, reach out to members etc. ​

Keep internal databases up to date, including information on members and alumni.​

Assist in rep, portfolio manager and analyst applications. ​

Send out acceptance and rejection emails to candidates with feedback. ​

Assist the VP in managing the reps.​Send out thank you gifts weekly to event speakers. ​

Communicate with speakers to thank them for attending.​Responsible for organising events and trips away.​

Help with the administration of competitions.​Be available to help other members of the committee with their tasks.​


Average Additional Time
3 hours

Create and manage an annual budget to keep track of income and expenses to ensure your accounts match with the balance on ExSIF’s eXpense365 App.​

Create budgets for events and work with Events Officer for this. Budgets for events will be uploaded to the society’s OneNote (for in-person events). ​Invoice sponsors using the Invoice Request Form on the Guild Website to collect sponsorship money (​

Involved in the composition and amendment of contracts for sponsors and partners over the summer ready for the new academic year.​

Organise credit card appointments to organise an expense. A budget will need to be created alongside this to prove it has been budgeted for.​

Organise refunds for committee members if expenses have been paid for on their behalf using the eXpense365 App e.g. helping Marketing Officer claim back social media promotion refunds.​

Responsible for all regulatory aspects of the real money fund, including filing taxes and accounts for the charity.​

Responsible for sourcing grants for the real money fund. ​Manage all transactions between the society and the RMF charity.​Handle all transactions within the real money fund.​​

Events Officer

Average Additional Time
approx. 4-8 hours depending on the week

High-level planning of the Events across term to ensure there is a good mix of technical/speaker/social events for all levels of experience and interest.​

Organising and executing Events for Freshers' Fair/Week to get new members integrated into the society (including a stand at the Freshers' Fair)​

Find speakers, with the help for external relations officer, for all events.

​Do your best to ensure events are organised before each term and uploaded onto the guild system. ​Risk-assessing events, and Risk-assessing Guest Speakers through the Guild Website.​

Ensuring the locations for events is confirmed well in advance e.g. zoom or lecture theatre.​

Liaise with Marketing team to ensure the event is Marketed well across all ExSIF platforms.​

Work alongside D&I&W officer to ensure speakers come from a wide variety of background/expertise etc. and to create an inclusive environment for speakers and members.

​Reach out to potential speakers through LinkedIn, emails and calls.​Involved in the organisation of travel for guests, (e.g. Train Tickets, Taxis etc.) and ensuring they know the details of the event & locations, and be there in advance to meet & greet them and set up monitors, projectors.

Liase with treasurer to fufill our external speaker policy.​

External Relations Officer

Average additional time
5 hours a week

Primary tasks​
First and foremost, with the President to secure partnerships (non-paid) and sponsorships (paid) by updating the sponsorship pack and proactively sending it to existing and new potential partners.​

Work with Events Officer to equally share the burden in sourcing speakers for events.​

Secondary tasks
​Other task include, among other things: keep the 'Friends of ExSIF' database updated for networking events and maintain relationships with individuals who are supporting ExSIF.​The 'Friends of ExSIF include alumni as well as other society contacts, societies and organisations. The 'ExSIF Network Master Sheet' in the OneDrive is best for sourcing these.​

Work with the Marketing Officer to maintain ExSIF's presence on LinkedIn, sharing highlights of key calendar events.​

Consider collaborations where appropriate and maintain strong relations with other Exeter societies (Fintech, Econ Soc, BFS). This can also extend to external societies – other Student Investment Funds.​

Thank sourced guest speakers for their attendance and work with the General Officer to send a thank you present and ensure speakers' travel expenses are reimbursed.​

Education Officer

Average additional time
Term 1; approx 8 hours. Term 2; approx 5 hours

Financial Analysis Course
​Plan the structure and content of the Financial Analysis course and assign each week an educational theme (clear plan on what should be covered in each session).​Identify the type of speaker needed for each session​

Prepare presentations for all sessions.​

Liase with the guest speaker over the content of the event. (Offer your pre-prepared slides to the guest speaker) ​

Include additional resources for each event (interesting articles / websites / examples) to ensure members from a non-financial-background feel comfortable understanding the information.

​Update resource list on podcasts/books/films/news sources.​

Identify areas where members would benefit from extra knowledge and put together resources accordingly.​

Assist the events officer and external relations officer in finding speakers for events.​

Organise and be the lead admin for the Bloomberg Investing Competition​

Organise all investment, trading and stock pitching competitions and simulations, including selecting a team, helping with preparation, and organising the events. ​

Plan a term 2 stock pitch training series and competition. ​

Careers Officer

Average Added Time
4 hours (significantly more when members want practise interviews etc. which can last ~1.5hr per session + prep).

Encourage members to complete the 'Post Interview Questionnaire' after any interviews to build up a portfolio of questions for the next year's committee to use.​

Advertise the list of firms on the 'Open Applications Spreadsheet'. ​

Always be approachable as the first port of call for members regarding careers questions.​

Update the handbooks as you see fit.​Edit Professional Development presentations so that they are up to date and reflect current knowledge. Feel comfortable delivering this content to members in an interactive and clear way.​

Build a network of good speakers to help members, especially with alumni. ​

Strong ability to give competency interviews and proactive to find an appropriate technical interviewer if needed. ​

Provide feedback and guidance on CVs and Cover Letters.​Run CV/CL/Interview skill workshops along with ExSIF Extra.​

Run ExSIF Events in conjunction with ongoing series; stock pitch series, professional development series.

​Be able to provide guidance on prep for applications and for the programmes themselves.​

Social Secretary

Average Additional Time
Expected about 5 hours


Plan socials – ensure a range of different socials throughout the year, with a mix of games/chilled socials and more drinking ones. Planning also incorporates risk assessments, booking venues, paying deposits etc.

Being a regular at Exeter's finest venues (which include Unit Fun) is a key virtue.​

Christmas/Spring Balls: ​Essentially two big socials with bigger budgets and more scope. These need good venues, good admin and lots of wine. With these events being ticketed, the members expect value – see it as a mini–Apprentice Task.

​Intramural sport (football and netball)

​If Sport is not your thing, as a social sec there is always a spot for you in Supporters Club. Just show up to our matches and Support ExSIF – after the 6-a-side team's run of 13 straight defeats they need some cheerleading.​


Should probably be responsible every now and then and talk to the Diversity and Inclusion officer to make sure everyone is having the appropriate amount of fun at socials.​

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Average Additional Time
Approx 3 hours


​Ensure guest speakers and networking events represent a range of ethnicities, genders and seniorities. ​

Encourage students to join from all degrees to join ExSIF and ensure the content is pitched at the appropriate level.

Consider the accessibility needs of members with mental and physical disabilities and find ways to support them keeping in mind our disability pledge. ​

Organise events to promote inclusion within finance to less well represented groups.​

Organise intramural sport (football and netball).​

Support members wellbeing by signposting them to university resources and collaborate with societies such as Nightline. Guild wellbeing training will need to be undertaken.​

Marketing Officer

Average Additional Time
Approx 4 hours


Create graphics for events, announcements etc.

Post events/announcements graphics on Instagram and Facebook.

Create Facebook events and a cover photo for each event.

Add all events to website.

Post event summary / thank you on LinkedIn (work with External Relations Officer).

Ensure website is up to date by constantly adding/editing bits.

Check ExSIF materials (e.g slides used for events) to make sure they fit branding.

Add things to social media stories / post in Facebook group.

Organise and coordinate Instagram takeovers with Committee, Reps, PMs and ESG Advisors.

Help answer any queries asked on Facebook/Instagram.

Sometimes communicate with external people/companies to organise marketing resources.

Develop social media templates for posts.

Coordinate other marketing and website reps.