Open Positions

Finco Money Brand Ambassador Opportunity

March 7, 2023 12:00 AM
Finco Money are looking for two Brand Ambassadors to promote their app at the University of Exeter. Student research has shown that prospective users must trust the brand to download an app and that in person promotion is the preferred channel to do this. The objective of the Brand Ambassador role is to promote the Finco Money app and to encourage students to give it a try. The Brand Ambassador must have experience of using the app and feel comfortable explaining how the app helps them, what they like and dis-like about the app and what’s coming next to improve it. Working alongside ExSIF, a space in the Forum will be set up (and de-commissioned) by the Brand Ambassador as directed by the ExSIF representative. The Brand Ambassador will be provided with collateral: the ExSIF banner, the Finco Money Banner, a promotion table with ExSIF tablecloth and Finco Money flyers Please click on the link in to register.