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Portfolio Managers 2023 positions

October 24, 2022 12:00 AM
As alluded to briefly on Monday evening, ExSIF is looking to recruit a team of student Portfolio Managers (PMs), Risk Officers and Sustainable Investment Analysts to help develop and collaborate on investment theses for the Real Money Fund. We will be recruiting a PM for each of the following sectors: 1. Consumer & Retail 2. Industrials & Materials 3. Energy 4. Healthcare 5. Financials 6. Technology, Media and Telecoms As a PM, your responsibilities would include: - Acting as a first point of call in the development of stock pitches within your respective sector (assisting in the development of valuation models and analyses) - Constructing a sector portfolio of long and short positions - Collaborating with other Portfolio Managers, Risk Officers, Sustainability Investment Officers and the Investment Officer in maintaining and developing the overall Real Money Fund Portfolio We envision that successful applicants will have an intellectual curiosity and knowledge on their preferred sector, some preliminary investment ideas and an understanding of sector-specific valuation methods. In addition to Portfolio Managers, we will be recruiting two Risk Officers and two Sustainable Investment Analysts: - The role of Risk Officer is a vital one, involving actively assisting Portfolio Managers by providing frequently updated sector-specific and broader macroeconomic/factor risk information and working closely with the Investment Officer to oversee overall portfolio risk. Quantitative and statistics competency is recommended. - The role of Sustainable Investment Analyst is just as important, involving the development of a sophisticated fund sustainability approach and overseeing Portfolio Managers investments to ensure that they meet the criteria outlined in this approach. We welcome applications from members of all backgrounds - we are indifferent to your degree area or year of study. If you have any questions about the role, please reach out via email or through our Instagram or Facebook pages.