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Hi ExSIF Members,

We are excited to announce that we have just partnered with Wall Street Oasis! For those unfamiliar with WSO,they are the largest online community focused on careers in finance with over750,000 members.  

With this partnership, WSO is providing a $100 discount until July 8, 2022 at11:59pm ET for the most popular courses. 

If you decide to take advantage of this one-timediscount,  please use your school .edu  when checking out (if it getsout to students outside of the club/school then it will have to be closed).

Use the below links to claim your $100 discount:

All WSO Courses Here

We are alsooffering the following live training discounts to your organization.


The classesare capped at 30,so if you think your members would find any of these live training sessionshelpful, please don't wait to fwd it to your club because we'll have topull down the links once we hit our cap (we're sending this out today to all350+ club partners).  


Typically, 1or 2-day bootcamps cost anywhere from $750 - $3,000 ... ours are priced withthe student budget in mind.  With these discounts, they are aneven better deal ;) 


Included inthe virtual bootcamps is lifetime access to the course material covered.**  


** this means youget lifetime access (+ all the benefits) of the WSO Elite Modeling Package (6courses) with the purchase of a seat in the Financial Modeling & ValuationBootcamp and lifetime access to the PE Interview Course with the PE InterviewBootcamp.


Please makesure students use their school email addresses when checking out. 

You can also visit their website at: https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/resources

Below is a set of extensive free resources from Wall Street Oasis that can help you find your career path and build the skills needed to succeed in a career in finance.

All Resources

Excel Resources

Financial Modeling Resources

All Interview Questions & Answers

All Career Resources

Wall Street Oasis


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